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In this section we present products selected for you by our product management experts. The focus can be on new technologies, solutions for special applications or a particularly attractive market price.


You probably know this situation: you have been using your computer and monitor together for years. Now one component has to be replaced and the rest of the hardware remains unchanged. And suddenly the graphic interfaces no longer fit together. In this case, we offer you a simple solution: By using the appropriate adapters... ...

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Save time and Money with Spectra Board-Sets

Are you looking for the right computer components for installation in your developed device or system? In order to make this selection easier for you and to avoid the risk of compatibility problems, we offer you complete board sets that are individually compiled for your needs. Benefit from the following added values:...

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Industrial PCs with Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2019

Maximum safety is very important for our industrial customers. That's why Spectra uses a Windows operating system that protects the industrial PC even better against unauthorized access or data loss. The new Microsoft® Windows®10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC offers you numerous Advanced Lockdown features. These "Advanced Lockdown Functions" enable the exact assignment of access rights ...

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Embedded settings made easy

For reasons of safety, efficiency or user-friendliness, adaptations of the operating system to individual requirements are necessary in the industrial environment. The adjustment of these numerous functions is complex and requires advanced knowledge of the operating system. The embedded settings for Win 10IoT are much more convenient with our new Embedded Configuration Manager (ECM).

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Two reasons for the change from PCIe x1 to PCIe x8: One is the market shift that goes hand in hand with the use of Intel's integrated RAID controllers at the entry-level level. And the other, a technological change has taken place that requires higher speeds.

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"Linux onboard" or "Linux tested"

Linux distributions offer the user numerous advantages such as open source software, update control or high operating system speed and are therefore used more and more frequently. Spectra offers you numerous hardware for Linux applications. We distinguish between "Linux onboard" and "Linux tested" products. An overview of these products can be found in our new theme world.

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Exploiting possibilities - PoE offers more

The most common application with PoE technology is the operation of IP cameras. However, there are other application scenarios in which the use of PoE switches, PoE extenders and PoE injectors and splitters makes sense. Devices can be switched on/off time-controlled via Port-On/Off Scheduler or large devices with 60W can be connected via PoE++. By the way, the use of PoE technology reduces the number of decentralized power supplies.

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