Tip of the month

In this section we present products selected for you by our product management experts. The focus can be on new technologies, solutions for special applications or a particularly attractive market price.

The right SSD for your application

Industrial SSDs have taken on an important role as storage media in both industry and data centers (enterprise use). When selecting the right SSD for your application, you have to consider some technical criteria. In our tip of the month, we have compiled all the important technical criteria that will help you make the right decision for your application.

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3G Shutdown! Does that affect me?

The 3G mobile network will be switched off on 30.06.2021, even though the actual date may be somewhat earlier or even later depending on the provider (Telekom, Vodafone, O2) and depending on the region. So for all users of 3G technology, one thing is certain: the end is here - now! While we hardly notice this in the private sector because our smart phones are all fairly new and have long since supported 4G (LTE), things are quite different in the industrial sector.

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Quite a few Ethernet networks in technical environments are built from IT components that are unmanaged. This is a security risk of which one must be aware! While administrators of conventional IT in corporate offices and in public and semi-public networks have always had a special eye on security ("Security"), operators of technical environments (technicians, engineers) often only give high priority to security ("Safety") in relation to OT (Operational Technology). They think: "In my network everything is self-sufficient and self-contained, what could happen? ....

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The right provider for remote maintenance

Machines and plants are often connected to the internet via mobile radio using an industrial 4G router or an industrial PC with a SIM card interface set up as a gateway. Whatever hardware is used, a SIM card from a provider is always required for a successful data connection. While in large companies and corporations the question of the "right" provider often does not arise at all, because this has already been regulated in the long term by the corresponding departments, the medium-sized machine manufacturer, the small plant operator and every local system integrator ... 

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Graphics interfaces at a glance

Standardized interfaces are used for the connection between PC or graphics card and monitor. Basically, a distinction is made between analog and digital signal transmission types, whereby digital interfaces predominate today. Originally, however, the signals were transmitted purely analog. This transmission type is supported by the VGA connection. ...

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Win10 versions compared

In the meantime, Windows 10 has established itself in the PC world and a large proportion of the new industrial PC systems at Spectra are also supplied with Windows 10. For a long time, "Windows Professional" was the version for the classic small and medium-sized company, as the "Enterprise Version" was only available through corresponding larger contracts. For many companies this was often too complex ...

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More measuring - more information!

Your system is running, but is it also running optimally? Or: You know: Your machine has a problem, but you do not know the problem. These questions and problems are probably well known to everyone who supervises complex technical processes or is responsible for the installation of new production lines or systems.

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Master- or Single-Key Licenses?

Microsoft® Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC has an important feature: the "Long-Term Servicing Channel" (LTSC). The LTSC service model prevents computers running this operating system from receiving the usual functional updates. Only quality updates are offered that keep the device security up to date.

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Important information for all Windows 7 users

Microsoft's extended support (e.g. security updates) for Windows 7 ended a few days ago on 14 January 2020. What does this mean for you if you are still using Industrial PC systems with the Windows 7 operating system? Our product manager for industrial PC systems, Alexander Kusch, has compiled some facts for you:

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What to do if the interfaces does not fit?

You have a device with a serial interface, but your PC has only USB? Or you have to connect Ethernet devices that speak Modbus TCP to the PROFIBUS of a master PLC? These are only two of many example scenarios where the interface of one device does not match the interface of the other device. This is where interface converters, which are often simply referred to as converters in technical language, can help.

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