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Spectra defines service as understanding your wishes and implementing them, the goal always being to supply you with an all-inclusive package. To achieve this, we make a wide range of modifications to the industrial PC systems, conduct extensive tests, install your software or organise hands-on workshops for programming our controllers. Sometimes we are also just the interface to refer you to the right point of contact. Satisfied customers are our top priority.

Configuration adaptation

You can change individual components (hardware, operating system) of our standard industrial PCs at any time. The integration of your additional, customised components is also possible ex works. These will be included into the system tests conducted as part of the final inspection.

IPC configuration request

Component kits

Component kits consisting of an industrial board, CPU, fan, RAM and SSD are the ideal basic framework for an individually designed PC system. All components are tested for full compatibility. We register your individual component kit under its own article number, which includes the serial numbers of all parts and we monitor availability and revisions. Upon request we will also install your software image.

Compatibility test

Despite the comprehensive standardisation of PCs, it makes sense to thoroughly test customised systems, including the installed software, prior to series production. Our burn-in oven is also capable of simulating increased temperature requirements. All compatibility tests are documented in a comprehensive test record.


The customisation options of products are manifold. They range from the individual colour of the housing or front panel to the imprint or attachment of your corporate logo. Our local partners enable us to implement such requirements quickly and easily even in small quantities.

Customer-specific item number

Your individual industrial PC system is managed under its own item number in Spectra’s ERP system. This allows for clear revision control of your system and easy reordering. In order to guarantee a consistent product quality, all internal working instructions are also managed under the item number.  

Mechanical modifications

Sometimes the mere relocation of an interface within the housing is sufficient to make a standard PC your ideal PC. In some cases, the attachment of a cost-effective mounting plate can significantly reduce the assembly costs or improve the thermal installation position of the industrial PC. This way, great benefits are achieved with minimum effort.

Software modifications

Our options range from BIOS modifications (corporate logo, settings) to the development of customised operating systems (Windows embedded, Linux). We can install the operating system on your industrial PC either in a “frozen” state defined together with you or in the most recent version.

Customised final inspection

As part of the final inspection, we conduct extensive system tests for your customised industrial PC system in consultation with you. Our individual options range from customised test cycles to application tests of additional hardware provided by you, all the way to extensive documentation.

Customised logistics concepts

Framework agreements guarantee the long-term, on-schedule delivery of your products. The storage of components that are crucial for your project enables us to reproduce the same industrial PC even after product discontinuation. Moreover, it can be useful to consider together the packaging materials or packaging units to optimise your in-house processes.


Here you will find an overview of our services. If you have a special request, do not hesitate to contact us.

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