Industrial PCs


Industrial PCs are used in a great number of applications. Typical areas of application include robotics, industrial automation, process visualisation as well as industrial test stations. The most important feature of an industrial PC is its reliability, since a computer failure often entails a production standstill. Failures can be effectively prevented by using sturdy, industry-compatible components in industrial PCs. The diverse fields of application require a wide range of different industrial PCs. Where the standard systems are not sufficient, Spectra can develop entirely new systems. Please find more detailed information on this in the "Spectra Individual" category.

Industrial Voice Control

Voice control adds a new dimension to the human-machine interface and can play out its advantages in all applications where, for example, a third hand is required. It is also very helpful for the simultaneous execution of manual work or control processes with logging tasks. With the Spectra PowerBox PC or the Spectra PowerTwin Panel PC and the included vicCONTROL speech dialog system ... on

Compact High-End PC - Spectra PowerBox 4000

Are you looking for a powerful and flexibly expandable industrial PC with server power? Then you will certainly like the concept of the new Spectra PowerBox 4000 series. It is based on a compact and thermally optimised aluminium housing of only 340 x 330 x 133 mm with a sophisticated heat management system that can be used flexibly as a desktop or wall-mounted housing. on

PowerBox 3000 now with Coffee Lake Power

In the latest generation of the Spectra PowerBox 3000C series, Coffee Lake processors in combination with the Intel® Q370 chipset ensure high-performance. This makes your application even faster and still the compact Mini-PC runs without fan. A "feel-good" LED indicates at all times whether the internal temperature of the system is within the permissible operating temperature range. on

Fourfold video wall with 4K resolution

The SI-324 digital signage player from Spectra offers you a player and a video splitter in a compact device. The new, integrated AMD Radeon™ Vega graphics with up to 11 computing units supplies four independent HDMI 2.0 displays with a resolution of 4K on each display. With the modern AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 processor, a noticeable increase in performance is achieved compared to earlier solutions. on

Box-PC series also with kaby lake

The new Spectra PowerBox 3000A series is at eye level with a 19" industrial PC in terms of performance and flexible scalability, and is as compact as a typical box PC. In the current models, Kaby Lake processors are used in conjunction with the Intel® Q170 chipset. The up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM supports fast data processing. Despite the high computing power, the compact Mini-PC is operated without a fan. on

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