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Industrial PCs are used in a great number of applications. Typical areas of application include robotics, industrial automation, process visualisation as well as industrial test stations. The most important feature of an industrial PC is its reliability, since a computer failure often entails a production standstill. Failures can be effectively prevented by using sturdy, industry-compatible components in industrial PCs. The diverse fields of application require a wide range of different industrial PCs. Where the standard systems are not sufficient, Spectra can develop entirely new systems. Please find more detailed information on this in the "Spectra Individual" category.

Industrial PCs - Up-to-date and individual

Industrial PC systems are indispensable in modern production in almost all areas of application. The requirements regarding design, performance and environmental conditions are completely individual. But reliability and up-to-date technology as well as compliance with valid standards and regulations are basic requirements. on

Master high CPU requirements

Demanding applications such as edge computing, plant control or image processing usually place high demands on the computing power of the embedded systems used. The fanless mini IPCs of the NISE 3900 series are suitable for these applications. They are equipped with Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processors of the 8th generation. on

Three independent displays with top resolution

Conjure up excellent images under cramped conditions simply and reliably on up to three displays. This task can be found e.g. at airports or in shopping malls or restaurants as well as other commercial facilities. The SI-323-N triple HDMI digital signage player is up to these requirements. It is based on the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R1000 SoC with AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics ... on

Fits in any control cabinet

High compatibility and easy integration of software are important criteria for the selection of PC-based controllers. It is therefore not surprising that Windows-based industrial PCs are becoming more and more important in automation. Spectra is launching the new NIFE 104M-KS mini PC especially for smaller automation tasks on

High Performance Embedded Server

For complex deep learning and machine vision applications, the demands on the industrial PC used are particularly high. The Spectra PowerBox 4000 is a high-performance embedded server that is ideal for these applications. It can be very flexibly adapted to the respective tasks, both in terms of the processor expansion stage and in terms of extensions...

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